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Our active coverage and analysis of market developments is the basis for our timely, flexible and effective response to changing market as well as client requirements.​

We offer advisory services under the following core themes:


Independent Research and Market Intelligence

Independent Research

At the core of what we do is analysing market fundamentals, policy and regulation, and providing meaningful information for decision making.
Our research covers energy, mining, transportation and infrastructure and focuses on what makes markets or projects work. In particular, Bargate analyses (and forecasts, where relevant) demand, supply, prices and policy.

Our current bespoke research offerings include supporting clients with:

  • Oil and metals price forecasts

  • Petroleum products demand and supply analysis

  • Long term energy analysis and forecasts for Africa

  • Policy and strategy review, and specific energy sector country reports

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Technology enablement

Technology enablement

We leverage technology solutions to optimise processes and enhance decision making by simplifying how market fundamentals or dynamics are understood, as well as simplifying policy implementation and regulatory processes.

Fundamental to our technology delivery is the adoption and utilisation of sound project management methodologies and principles.

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Policy Advisory
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Policy Advisory

We help companies and governments navigate the policy and regulatory landscape of several countries to improve risk mitigation strategies and ultimately increase investor confidence.
Our services include:

  • Energy, petroleum and mining fiscal regime policy design and implementation

  • Government engagement and market penetration strategies

  • Government risk mitigation strategies

  • Energy and infrastructure-driven local content strategies

  • Mining value addition strategies for both companies and governments

  • Targeted training and capacity development

We take into account general economic and social development circumstances and objectives, as well as environmental issues in the design and implementation of our advisory services in this regard.

Transaction Advisory

Transaction Advisory

We use our own independent research and analysis to identify project opportunities in the energy, mining and infrastructure sectors. We then form partnerships from within or outside our client network to develop these opportunities.

In addition, we support existing transaction cycles by focusing particularly on easing bottlenecks that make  investment decision making difficult or render projects more expensive than they would be in markets deemed of lower risk. The emphasis of this offering is speed. We simply want deal cycles to be shorter, more efficient, and more about the actual problem being addressed; be it power generation or transportation infrastructure.

Our services include:

  • Asset valuation

  • Commercial due diligence

  • Competent persons' reports

  • Risk analysis and mitigation strategy

  • Independent demand and supply analysis and price forecasts

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