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About Us

Bargate’s mission is to provide our clients with timely and qualitative analysis and applications for the successful execution of investment and strategic decisions in energy, mineral resources development, transportation, and infrastructure.  This mission is driven by our primary vision of economic transformation in developing countries through their energy and natural resources.

At Bargate Advisory, we maintain a global context to our work while focusing on Africa.  This allows us the flexibility to provide services to a wider client base, ranging from E&P players and mid-downstream operators, financial service providers, to national and regional (state or provincial) governments, inter-governmental organisations and the academia.

Our history dates back to the Summer of 2009 when Bargate Energy was founded in London, UK as a small consulting firm with a primary focus on the petroleum sector. Bargate has since expanded its breadth of expertise to cover mining, energy, transportation and infrastructure. This expansion is driven by our absolute belief in rapid economic transformation through these sectors. In January of 2012, we reconstituted and engaged the services of industry experts to drive our mission and changed our name to Bargate Advisory.

Our People

We have established a dynamic and robust framework for accessing key skills and expertise from our chosen sectors and ensure our advisors have the relevant experience for client projects. We support continuous learning through relevant professional training and attendance at various industry conferences and webinars

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