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Independent analysts with expertise in the energy, mineral resources and infrastructure development


Bargate Advisory addresses four primary challenges limiting investment in African energy, mineral resources, and infrastructure: 

Access to rich, meaningful information: strengthening market intelligence using data and robust independent analysis of fundamentals. 

Availability of useful applications: developing sector-specific systems and analytical tools to enhance investment decision making and strengthen regulatory capacity.  

Clear policy: defining SMART policy and regulatory implementation measures to enable and sustain an environment for confident investment. 

Need for shorter transaction cycles: combining market intelligence, systems and regulatory expertise to reduce bottlenecks in the transaction ecosystem. 


  • Comprehensive feasibility study for the
    establishment of a lubricating oils blending and production plant in Nigeria

Energy Equity Resources
  • Independent asset valuation and economic modelling of farm-in agreement and service contract for upstream oil and gas asset

Commercial Bank of Africa
  • Oil and gas value chain analysis and market entry strategy

TGHL Capital
  • Economic evaluation of three mining assets in a West African country

  • Preparation of farm-in strategy for three mining assets in a West African country

Odujinrin and Adefulu
  • Review of fiscal provisions in draft petroleum industry legislation

CBO Capital
  • Review of petroleum refining economic model

  • Independent economic analysis of draft petroleum industry legislation

  • Independent economic analysis of lubricating oils blending market prospects in a West African country

ERHC Energy
  • Independent crude oil price analysis & long-term forecast

  • Independent evaluation of shallow water oil and gas assets

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